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1. How can I make a reservation with Commonwealth Worldwide?
Reservations with Commonwealth Worldwide can be made in a number of ways. You may use the secure reservations form provided on this Web site, call our general reservation number at 800.558.5466; FAX at 617.787.2904; or travel agents may make a reservation using Genisys or the following Global Distribution Systems: Sabre and Apollo.

2. If I have an existing Commonwealth Worldwide account, can I use this to book on the Web site?
If you already have an account with Commonwealth Worldwide but would like to book reservations online, please contact an agent at 1.800.558.5466 and you will be given a USER NAME and PASSWORD. You can change this information after you log in for the first time.

4. Can I cancel or change a reservation through your Web site?
At this time, to cancel or change your reservation, please call our Reservations Center at 800.558.5466.

5. How can I find out in which International destinations Commonwealth Worldwide offers service? How can I book a car for these cities?
Commonwealth Worldwide’s services are available in 35 countries and 550 cities. Please contact an agent to find out if we service a location. You may make reservations for international trips both online or through a reservation agent.

6. How do I know when to select Point-to-Point/Airport Services vs. Customer Directed (hourly)?
Point-to-Point should be used when traveling between two (2) specific locations such as your office and a hotel. Customer directed should be selected when either the drop off location is not known in advance or, the trip will require stops along the way. For customer directed services, an hourly rate will be quoted.

9. What types of vehicles can I reserve?
Commonwealth Worldwide offers a wide variety of vehicles designed to accommodate single passengers, small and large groups of passengers. Please refer to the Fleet section of this website for further information or contact a Commonwealth agent at 1.800.558.5466.

10. Why can't I submit my reservation request?
Please check to make sure that you filled in all the required fields on the form. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. These fields must be filled in completely for the form to be transmitted. If you filled in all the required fields and are still having trouble, please call the help desk at 617.787.5575 extension 234 or 774.244.7522.

14. Why can't I view some of the graphics on the Web site?
You may have trouble viewing some graphics if you are using an older browser. Our site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x or newer.

15. What if I encounter other difficulties using your Web site?
Please contact our Help Desk at for assistance. If you don't reach them immediately, expect a call back within a few minutes during normal business hours. Please be prepared to explain the exact situation and circumstances you encountered when you experienced difficulty with the reservation process. Your efforts will assist our Help Desk staff in responding quickly to your request.

16. How do I open an account with Commonwealth Worldwide?
Please call 800.558.5466, or 617.787.5575 or e-mail your account request to and a Sales Representative will contact you.

17. Can I get an e-mail receipt for my service?
You are able to receive your receipt for completed rides several ways; via fax, e-mail or regular mail. When completing your profile, please indicate the method by which you would like to receive your receipts.
By Fax:
You can have your receipts faxed to you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
By Email:
Your receipts are automatically emailed to you when you complete a ride that was charged to a credit card. If you select to receive receipts via e-mail in your profile, than any rides taken, regardless of how you booked them, will be emailed to you on completion of billing. You can also request a trip receipt by sending us an email at with your reservation number and we will respond to your request within one business day.
By Mail:
Receipts are mailed out within one week from the date of service. For additional information or special requests, contact customer service at 617.779.1937.
You can view and print your completed trips online. After you have logged into your account online, to view and print receipts for your completed trips click HISTORY and select DONE status. Find the desired trip and click on TRIP ID. Scroll to the bottom of the Trip Summary Page and select VIEW RECEIPT.

18. What is Commonwealth Worldwide's rate structure?
Commonwealth Worldwide offers flat-rate services to or from an airport and a midtown location. Hourly rates are based on time or mileage (whichever is greater) in North America, and time plus mileage outside North America. The minimum hourly service is variable depending on vehicle type. Costs start from the time the vehicle leaves the garage until it returns.

19. How can I obtain a quote/worldwide rate schedule?
For a price estimate please contact a reservations agent at 800.558.5466, or 617.787.5575.

20. What is Commonwealth Worldwide's cancellation policy?
To cancel a reservation, please call 800.558.5466, or 617.787.5575 . Cancellations for Boston and New York must be received at least two hours in advance of the service pick-up time for most U.S. locations. All other cancellations require 4 hours notice. For all reservations, please check your confirmation for the specific policy, which is determined by your city of service and vehicle type.

21. How can I change/modify our corporate account information?
Please contact your Sales representative who will be happy to assist you.
If you do not know who your sales representative is please e-mail us at

22. Does Commonwealth Worldwide offer wedding services?
Yes. Please call our 24-hour Reservations Department at 800.558.5466.
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