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Commonwealth Worldwide excels in providing transportation for meetings and events. We know that timing is crucial, changes are inevitable, and details are the heart of what you do. Our staff is experienced in working with groups, large and small, and with all types of events, from corporate meetings to film premieres.

Our dedicated Meetings and Events desk will help you maximize your manifest to ensure efficiency and assist with all logistics.

If you would like additional assistance with the transportation for your meeting or event, you may request to have one of our coordinators assist on-site. Our coordinators will work with you to ensure that your vehicles are on location, the chauffeurs know their destinations, and help escort your customers and guests to their vehicles. Rates for this service vary based on location, duration of service needed, and number of coordinators requested.

When planning your next meeting or event with Commonwealth Worldwide, you can expect punctual, reliable, worry-free service.

On time service consistently in the greater than 99.5 percentile • Superior safety record

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