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  Affiliate Survey
  If you are interested in joining our affiliate partners' network, please complete the following online survey. This information will help us learn more about your company and best determine if it aligns with Commonwealth's standards.

General Company Information:
Company Name *
DBA (If applicable)
Address *
City *
State * Zip
Email Address *
Federal Tax ID# *
Management Staff:
Operations Manager
Dispatch Manager
Reservations Manager
Accounting Manager
Contact Information:
Local and 800 Numbers *  *
Fax Number
Emergency Numbers
Any Additional Numbers
Hours of Operations *
Service Information:
Does your company participate in a formal quality assurance program to monitor performance? Yes    No
What airports does your company service?
What are the standard meeting locations for each airport?
Do you provide greeters at the airport? Yes    No
If yes, is there an additional charge?Yes    No  *
Do you have your own greeters? Yes    No
If no, do you use a greeter service?Yes    No  *
If yes, list name of greeter service  *
Does your company farm out local work? Yes    No
Does your company have a 24-hour reservations and dispatch department? Yes    No
Are all reservations confirmed via phone and fax? Yes    No
If no, how are they confirmed? *
Do you track all arriving flights? Yes    No
If yes, what flight tracking system does your company use? *
Do you charge for canceled flights or flight delays? Yes    No
If yes, how much is the charge? *
What is your cancel policy?
What is the Late Cancel fee?
Fleet Information:
What are the color and make of the vehicles?
How frequently does your company turn over the vehicles in your fleet?
Do your vehicles have vanity license plates? Yes    No
If yes, what do the plates say? *
Please complete the following fleet information:
Vehicle type Quantity Year Make/Model Airport Rate Hourly Rate
6 Passenger Limo
8 Passenger Limo
10 Passenger Limo
Airport Tax: %    Parking:    Phone:     Tolls:    Greeter:
Fuel Surcharge:    Discount:    Portal Charges:
Please list all other additional charges:
Chauffeur Information:
What is the dress code for chauffeurs? *
How do your dispatchers communicate with your chauffeurs? *
How are the chauffeurs screened before and during employment (drug screening, criminal background checks, etc)? *
What type of initial training programs do you provide to your chauffeurs? *
What type of ongoing training programs do you provide to your chauffeurs? *
Road Show Information:
Does your company currently handle Road Shows? Yes    No
Can your company provide chauffeur names and cell phone numbers for Road Shows by 12 noon one day prior to pick up? Yes    No
Can you provide Wall Street Journals and bottled waters in the vehicles? Yes    No
*** All Road Show reservations must have a pre-assigned driver by 12 noon one day prior to pick up. We will need to provide our clients with the chauffeurs name and cell phone numbers. Please be advised that these chauffeur names and numbers can not change. If in an emergency a change is made we must be notified right away. All chauffeurs must be equipped with the client's complete itinerary and a pre-assigned cell phone. All vehicles must be equipped with bottled and a Wall Street Journal. All affiliates must be prepared to accommodate last minute changes as well as special requests by the client. ***

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